Our School

Our Values

Glengarry Primary School has in place a set of core values that underpin our school motto We Care. Our staff are committed to creating a positive, safe and happy environment for all students.

Our values are unique to our school, as they have been developed by staff, in consultation with students and parents.

‘Respecting other right to learn’. Respect is to show courtesy, politeness, and consider others.

‘Using kind words and give compliments to others’. Compassion is showing consideration and care for others and their feelings.

‘Being able to say I made a mistake’. Integrity is displaying sincerity and honesty.

‘Remembering your commitments and showing up on time’. Responsibility is being dependable and making the right decisions.

‘Bouncing back when something upsets me’. Resilience is recovering quickly from difficulty.

‘Having another go if I make a mistake’. Persistence is being determined and never giving up.

‘Working together’. Cooperation is working well with others.

‘Raising my hand to answer a question’. Confidence is being sure of your own abilities.