Parents & Community - HOPE Group

The HOPE Group  

Sustainability is a priority which runs across our school curriculum because of the importance of this concept to our world. We have a sustainability program called HOPE (Help Our Precious Environment).  

The HOPE Group aims on teaching the students how to care for the environment and live sustainably.

Some of our school activities include:                                                                                               

  • Waste Wise Awareness - (reduce, reuse, recycle) anyway we can help children understand properties of materials, where they come from and where they go.
  • 0WL - (Zero Waste Lunches) is an incentive to engage with the choices which can be made regarding food packaging.
  • Battery Collection - a bin located outside the library for anyone to dispose of used batteries.
  • Bushland Care - various activities to help care for and regenerate Alfreton Bushland and remnant bush within our school. This bush has a huge range of diversity of plants, invertebrates, birds and reptiles. 
  • Recycling - student wardens who collect paper and card ready for recycling.
  • Nursery - seedlings and plants for planting at school or for sale and to aslo educate about edible plants.
  • Worms and Compost - children collect uneaten food scraps to make food for the plants.


The HOPE Group

The HOPE Group is currently working with children throughout the term to develop the garden area as an outdoor learning setting. Every week, children from each class are asked to volunteer to participate in the Gardening Group. These sessions take place at the school garden area every friday during lunch time.

The focus is to create a sustainable garden and to build upon the wonderful sustainability projects that are also in place here at Glengarry. The children learn how to create and care for an organic, edible garden, learn about different propagating methods and how to collect seeds. There is also a large composting area and worm farms that the children will help to manage and use as an organic source of nutrients for the plants. These are hands on, fun and social learning experiences where the children are encouraged to take on leadership roles and responsibilities.



The Bushland Group

The Bushland Group is a Club that has been set up to help care for and regenerate Alfreton Bushland which borders our school. This bush has a huge diversity of plants, invertebrates, birds and reptiles. There are bobtails and evidence of quendas living here.  The group meets 1-2 times a term to learn about our Bushland, remove invasive plants, and to plant native trees/bushes. In 2015, over 200 trees were planted by the Bushland Group. The Joondalup Council helps by spraying weeds and providing seedlings and fencing.

If you are interested in getting involved, or learning more about the Bushland Group, please contact Pam Algar.



Recycling After School Activities 

The school promotes use of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle). There are worm bins outside of most classrooms and a battery recycling bin available to the community.

In addition to this, The HOPE Group holds after school Recycling Activities for students who are interested.





The HOPE Group has reconvened a committee for 2023. You can contact us through Hannah Cole if you have a new initiative or concern. Sally Piowczyk-Kruk is our Parent Coordinator and our Staff Representatives are Emily Taylor, Kristel Rollings, Jeanette McFarlane, Megan Richards, & Pamela Algar.

The programs are always looking for support. If you have any ideas or a passion to start up an activity please do not hesitate to contact us. It's a wonderful cause to be a part of!