Parents & Community - P&C Committee

Glengarry Primary School P & C Association

Meetings held each school term

in the school staff room


Monday of Week 3 and Tuesday of Week 8


Welcome to the Glengarry Primary School P&C Association. We play a vital role in enhancing the education and growth of children of Glengarry Primary School by providing additional resources, services, and fundraising activities throughout the year. We are behind many of the fun elements of our children’s school experience including dress-up days, fundraising stalls, special morning teas, the colour run etc These fundraising events allow for enjoyment and building the school community.

Each year the money raised from P & C events fund a wide range of projects. Some purchases have included;

  • Mosaic Wall Art (celebrating GPS 40th Anniversary)
  • Reading books
  • Library upgrades
  • Chicken House for kindy
  • BBQ’s
  • Smart TVs and classroom Smart boards
  • IT upgrades and iPad purchases
  • PA/Sound System
  • Faction banners and shade marquees
  • Interschool sports uniforms
  • Teaching resources (Mathletics, Literacy Pro)
  • Playgrounds upgrades
  • Guest speakers (Maggie Dent)

The P&C Committee also oversees the many interests and associated groups within the school including School Banking and the Scholastic Book Club.

By joining the P & C it gives you the opportunity to meet other parents in the school, hear first-hand the reports from the Principal and School Board, have your say in how your fundraising money is spent and contribute to the education of your child and to the school.

We look forward to seeing as many new faces as possible at each meeting as well as extending a warm welcome back to existing parents/guardians in the school community.

New Members – please fill in the 2022 P & C Membership Form and bring $1.00 for membership, which gives you the right to vote.


Contact details

P&C Executive

President: Melissa Ferguson

Vice President: Michelle Tanner

Secretary: Orla Corrigan

Treasurer: Daniel Mare


Email -

We recommend all members of the school community like the P & C’s dedicated Facebook page - Glengarry Primary School P & C


Direct Deposit details

Glengarry Primary School P & C

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB 066 192

A/C 1063 6444



Membership Form

Exec & Committee Nomination Form


P & C Minutes 2023

Term 1 - 13 February 2023

Term 1 - 21 March 2023


Term 2 - 8 May 2023

Term 2 - 13 June 2023


Term 3 - 31 July 2023


P & C Minutes 2022

Term 1 – 1 March 2022

Term 1 – 22 March 2022


Term 2 – 9 May 2022

Term 2 – 14 June 2022


Term 3 – 1 August 2022

Term 3 – 13 September 2022


P & C Minutes 2021

Term 4 – 6 December  2021